Lost Souls Scooter Club


Stuart Harper

Co founder of the club and long time No1. Stu has endless knowledge of Vespa and other scooter mechanics,,an expert tuner and fabricator his scooters have many one off parts, Owns too many scooters to mention includeing show winning customs.

Dave Taylor

.Scooters              Vespa T5

Pete Kelross

Been Scootering Since  1985

First Rally    Disc 85

Scooters Owned   Vespa T5 

Furtherest Ridden   Saints Euro Rally South France 1990


Mark Fielder

Alec Foy

Martin Whiffin

Martin Lloyd

Scooter GP 200  x3  (Greed Bastard)

Steve Carter

Been Scootering Since   1983

Scooters Owned            LML 180  PX 210 

Furtherest Ridden           RHYL 1987

Best Moment                 Gt Yarmouth 1988 ( The Pete The Pole incident) 

Jason Richardson 

Scooter GT 300

Jeff Jones

Tony Garner

Kevin Osborne

Scooter PX125

John Martin


Gary Woodhams

Dave Faulkner

Simon Reed

Chris Barnes

Gary Ryan (Scouse)

Scooter Runner 180

Lea Carter

Dave Cobb

Sean Loughman

GP 200 Street Racer

Adrian Marsdon

Gerard Ellis